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Deep Fried Red Snapper Basket (whole fish)


Served with your choice of Fried Side

Select Sauce:Cajun Lemon Butter Original Lemon Butter Garlic Lemon Butter Saucy Special ( All 3 Sauces Mixed) +$4.99Cajun & Garlic Mix +$2.99Original & Garlic Mix +$2.99Cajun & Original Mix +$2.99No Sauce (Cooked Food Only)
Select Mild or Hot:Hot Mild
Fried Sides:Regular Fries White Rice Hushpuppies (5) Cajun Fries +$1.99
Condiments:Marinara Cocktail Sauce Tartar Sauce Blue Cheese Ketchup Ranch Lemon Butter Salt (Seasoning) Lemon Butter Hot Sauce
Drinks:Coke Bottled +$2.49Sprite Bottled +$2.49Water Bottled +$1.99
Extra Condiments:Extra Cocktail Sauce +$0.55Extra Mustard +$0.55Extra Ranch +$0.55Extra Marinara +$0.55Extra Blue Cheese +$0.55Extra Honey BBQ +$0.55Extra Lemon Butter Hot Sauce +$0.99Extra Lemon Butter Sauce +$2.99Extra Cajun Lemon Butter Sauce +$2.99Extra Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce +$2.99
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