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2 Cluster Snow Crab, 1 LB. Shrimp and Your Choice of 2 Sides with our Signature Sauce

Select Sauce:Cajun Lemon Butter Original Lemon Butter Garlic Lemon Butter Saucy Special ( All 3 Sauces Mixed) +$4.99Cajun & Garlic Mix +$2.99Original & Garlic Mix +$2.99Cajun & Original Mix +$2.99No Sauce (Cooked Food Only)
Select Mild or Hot:Hot Mild
Boiled Sides:Corn on the Cobb Steamed Carrots Boil Egg (1 pcs) Steamed Broccoli Potatoes Asparagus White Rice
Add To Your Meal:1/2 lb. Shrimp No Head Shrimp only +$12.501/2 lb. Shrimp Head on Shrimp only +$10.501/2 lb. Mussels only +$9.501 Cluster Snow Crab Legs only +$16.50Andouille Sausage (8) Pieces +$8.99Andouille Sausage Spicy (8) pieces +$8.99Boil Egg (3 pcs) +$4.99Steamed Broccoli (6 pcs) +$3.50Potatoes (4 pcs) +$4.99Corn (3pcs) +$4.99White Rice +$3.99
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